20mm WW2
US Troops
20mm WW2
German Troops

Special Announcement July 2016 - SOJERS will no longer be offered for sale by Thoroughbred Figures but will be available by a new vendor to be announced soon.

SP201 Pack of US GIs (1943-45) (12ea)

ST20B Bazooka team (2ea)

ST20D US drivers (2ea)

ST20F Flamethrower team (2ea)

ST20M US .30 Cal MG Team

ST20P US officers (2ea)

ST20T US tank commanders (3ea)

SP205 Pack of US Airborne Paratroopers (6ea)


SP210 Pack of Germans (1943-45) (12ea)

ST21M Street fighting MG team (2ea)

ST21R German officers (2ea)

SP215 Pack of Fallshirmjagers (6ea)

ST21F Paratroop Panzerschreck Team (2ea)

ST21S German Sniper Team (2ea)

ST21T Infantry Panzerfaust Team (2ea)

ST21U Infantry Panzerschreck Team (2ea)

20mm WW2 Vehicles & Equipment

SV301 US Army Jeep

SV302 US Army Halftrack (M3A1)

SV303 US Army 3/4 Ton Dodge Truck

Last update July 2016