A product line of 15mm ship kits, crews, guns and aux. items for the Naval War of 1812.
All kits have cast resin hulls, white metal fittings and guns, wooden masts, and paper sails.


War of 1812 Ships

EN01 USS Oneida
Small two-masted brig with 16 carronade guns and 32pdr pivot forward. Price $50.00

EN02 US 2-Gun Galley
Single-masted galley gunboat with 2 x 24pdr pivot guns. Price $30.00

EN03 One-Gun Schooner
Small double-masted schooner, multiple countries. Comes with fittings, 24 pdr. long gun, and 32 pdr. carronade. Price $30.00

EN03B 4-Gun Schooner - Single mast hull as EN03 above with 4 x 9 pdr guns. Price $30.00

EN04 18 Gun Brig
Medium sized brig based on the British Cruiser class brigs used by several nations. This kit features a large main hull measuring over 10 inches in length, 16 x 32 pdr carronades, and 2 x 18 pdr long guns. Price $70.00

EN05 16 Gun Schooner
Medium sized schooner rigged vessel with a main hull measuring over 8 inches in length. This kit features 14 x 18 pdr carronades on wheeled carriages and 2 x 12 pdr long guns. Price $60.00

EN06 16 Gun Brig
Same kit as EN05, but comes with a brig-rig mast layout instead. Same hull measurement and armament as EN05. Price $60.00

EN07 3-Masted Sloop (Corvette)
USS Wasp type with a mix of 22 guns and carronades. Price $70.00

EN07B Same hull, rig and gun mix as above EN07 but this kit has special parts to create the famous USS Peacock. (Special order item - usually not carried at shows.) Price $70.00

EN08 British or French Naval Cutter (hull is 7” long)
Single masted with a mix of 12 carronades and guns. Price $40.00

EN09 USS Niagara/Lawrence
Double-masted brig of Battle of Lake Erie fame. 2 guns + 18 carronades. Price $70.00

EN11 Mediterranean Xebec Large 2-piece hull
with lateen sails, 12 guns and swivels. Price $70.00

EN12 Mediterranean Felucca
with lateen sails, 8 guns and swivels. Price $50.00

EN13a US Mediterranean Tripoli War Gunboat Small purchased or leased 1-gun gunboat used during Tripoli Wars with lateen sails. (Can also be used for other countries and War of 1812) Price $30.00

EN13b US War of 1812 Gunboat Small US gunboat used in multiple numbers in several War of 1812 engagements. With lateen sails, 2 x 24 guns on revolving gun table. Price $30.00

EN14 Polacre - Fore and Mizzen Lateen Sails, Square Rigged Main Mast. 10 guns & 4 swivels. Price $50.00

Naval Crew, Guns and Small Boats

TB01 US Naval Crewmen
Pack of 20 crew in various poses $12.00

TB01b British Naval Crewmen
Pack of 20 crew $12.00

TB01f French Naval Crewmen
Pack of 20 crew $12.00

TB01T 15mm Tripoli Pirates
(20 Figures in Pack) - $12.00

TB02 Naval Gunners 1812
Pack of 10 gunners in various poses $6.00

TB03 US Marines 1812
Pack of 10 marines in fighting poses $6.00

TB04 British Marines 1812
Pack of 10 Marines in various poses $ 6.00

TB05 32 Pdr Carronades

Pack of 8ea carronades on slide carriages $ 6.00

TB06 24 Pdr Guns
Pack of 6ea guns with carriages $ 6.00

TB07 18 Pdr Guns
Pack of 6ea guns with carriages $ 6.00

TB08 12 Pdr Long Guns
Pack of 6ea with carriages $6.00

TB09 32 Pdr Long Guns
4 per pack $6.00

TB10 24 Pdr Gun Pivots
4 per pack $6.00

TB11 32 Pdr Carronade Pivots
4 per pack $6.00

TB12 32 Pdr Long Gun Pivots
3 per pack $6.00

TB13 9 Pdr Guns
(8 in Pack) - $6.00

TB14 Swivel Guns with Mounts
( 10 in Pack) - $6.00

TB15 Small Ship’s Boat
1 Boat
with amidships center cradle $10.00

TB16 2 Small Ship’s Boats
2 Boats with ship side mounted davits $18.00

TB17A Ships Boat
Being rowed with 6 crew and 2 American Marines 1 Boat per pack $16.00

TB17B Ships Boat
rowed with 6 crew and 2 British Marines 1 Boat per pack $16.00

TB17F Ships Boat
rowed with 6 crew and 2 French Marines/Soldiers 1 Boat per pack $16.00

TB18 Ships Boat
sailed with mast, sails and 2 crew (1 Boat per pack) $16.00

TB19 French Marines 1812
Pack of 10 marines in fighting poses $6.00

TB20 Fortress Guns
Pack of 4 guns on heavy garrison carriages - $10.00

TB21 18 Pdr Carronades
Pack of 8 guns on slide carriages - $6.00

TB22 Single Gun Emplacement -Comes with Gun - $15.00

TB23 Heavy Two-gun Emplacement - Comes with 2 Fortress Guns - $25.00

TB24 Martello Tower with Gun, Mount & 6 crew. Used in Canada, along the English Coast and the Mediterranean - $49.00

SEA EAGLES Rules - $25.00 (15mm 1812 & Napoleonic Naval)
Newly developed set of ship vs. ship and multi-ship per side naval wargaming. Cutting out engagements, ship vs. shore batteries, and updated movement added and well play-tested.




Last update October 11, 2017