Thoroughbred Figure's New 1/1200 Scale ACW Naval

TT201 CSS Albemarle (Casemated ironclad)______________________________$6.00

TT202 USS Cairo Class (River armored gunboats - 7 in class)_________________$8.00

TT203 CSS Atlanta (Casemated ironclad) ________________________________$8.00

TT204 USS Passaic Class (Turreted monitors - 10 in class) ___________________$8.00

TT205 USS Monitor (Early Version as she fought CSS Virginia)________________$6.00

TT206 USS Monitor (Late Version with pilot house and main stack alterations)_____$6.00

Right to left - USS Passaic, Early USS Monitor and Late USS Monitor versions.

TT207 CSS Tennessee (Casemated ironclad)______________________________$8.00

TT208 CSS Super Albemarle - 'Improved' Albemarle class planned but unfinished.__$8.00


TT209 CSS Virginia (Merrimack - Casemated ironclad)_____________________$10.00

TT210 USS Canonicus Class (Turreted monitors - 9 in class)__________________ $8.00

TT211 CSS Arkansas (Casemated ironclad)_______________________________$8.00

Left to right - CSS Virginia, USS Canonicus Class and CSS Arkansas

TT212 CSS Richmond Class (Casemated ironclads - 6 in class)________________$8.00

TT213 USS Neosho Class (River monitor - 2 in class)_______________________$8.00

TT214 CSS Neuse (Casemated ironclad)_________________________________$6.00

Left to right - CSS Richmond class, USS Neosho class and CSS Neuse

TT215 Gun Emplacement Set (3ea with guns) 1 x 5-gun with flag & 2 x 2-gun._____$12.00

Set of 3 Gun Emplacements with guns

TT216 Union Ellet Ram (5-6 in class)____________________________________$ 8.00

TT217 Confederate Cottonclad (Several in class)___________________________$10.00

TT218 US 90 Day Gunboat (Itasca class - 23 in class_______________________$10.00

Left to right - Union Ellet Ram, Confederate Cottonclad and Itasca class 90 Day Gunboat

TT219 US Armed Ferryboat (Several in Class) _____________________________$ 8.00

TT220 Riverboat Transport/Packet______________________________________$10.00

TT221 Confederate Gunboat (Several in Class)_____________________________$10.00

Left to right - Armed Ferry, Riverboat Transport, Confederate Gunboat

TT222 Screw Steamer Gunboat (Also can double as a transport)_____________$10.00

TT223 Yankee Gunboat ('Purchased' vessel - Several in Class)_________________$10.00

TT224 CSS Gaines gunboat (2 in Class)___________________________________$10.00

Left to right - Screw Steamer, Yankee Gunboat, CSS Gaines class

TT225 USS Roanoke (Triple-turreted monitor)______________________________$10.00

TT226 USS Milwaukee Class (Double-turreted monitor - 4 in class)__________$10.00

TT227 USS Onondaga (Double-turreted monitor)___________________________$10.00

TT228 CSS Virginia II (Casemated ironclad)_______________________________$ 8.00

TT229 US Timberclad (2 in class - Tyler & Conestoga)_______________________$10.00

TT230 USS Lexington (Timberclad)_____________________________________$10.00

TT231 USS Essex (River casemated ironclad)_____________________________$10.00

TT232 USS Sassacus Class (28 in class - double ended gunboats)______________$12.00

Left to right - US Timberclad, USS Lexington, USS Essex, USS Sassacus class

TT233 CSS Fredericksburg (Casemated Ironclad)__________________________$ 8.00

TT234 CSS Charleston (Casemated Ironclad)_____________________________$ 8.00

TT235 CSS Columbia Class (Casemated Ironclad - 2 in Class with CSS Texas)____$10.00

TT236 USS New Ironsides (Ocean-going Ironclad Steamer)__________________$12.00

TT237 USS Benton (Casemated River Ironclad)___________________________$10.00

TT238 USS Dictator (Ocean-going Turreted Ironclad) ______________________$12.00

Last update Oct 2017