Thoroughbred's Ironclad 1/600th Scale Ship Kits
All kits come unassembled with instructions, ship data, & flags. All parts are cast in white metal (1% to 2% lead content). Highlighted items in the list are links to an image
of the completed model.

Item Number
Product Description
TS01 CSS Virginia / Merrimac $18.00
TS02 USS Monitor $12.00
TS03 CSS Albemarle (ironclad ram) $12.00
TS04 CSS Arkansas (ironclad ram) $12.00
TS05 USS Cairo (partly ironclad gunboat - 7 in class) $14.00
TS06 USS Passaic (single-turret monitor - 10 in class) $12.00
TS07 USS Canonicus (single-turret monitor - 8 in class) $12.00
TS08 USS Sassacus (double-ender gunboat - 28 in class) $20.00
TS09 USS Paul Jones (double-ender gunboat - 7 in class) $20.00
TS10 USS Onondaga (double-turret monitor) $14.00
TS11 USS Roanoke (triple-turret monitor) $15.00
TS12 CSS Atlanta (ironclad ram) $14.00
TS13 Cottonclad gunboat $15.00
TS14 CSS Richmond (ironclad ram - 6 in class) $14.00
TS17 Pack of Ships' Boats $ 2.00
TS18 CSS Louisiana (large ironclad ram) $20.00
TS19 USS Miantonomah (large double-turret monitor - 4 in class) $20.00
TS20 Tugs & Barges $14.00
TS21 Union Ellet Ram (wooded river ram – 5-6 in class) $14.00
TS22 Gun emplacement (with gun) $ 4.00
TS23 Union Tinclad gunboat $15.00
TS24 6 Pack of Garrison Guns $ 2.00
TS28 CSS Tennessee (ironclad ram) $14.00
TS29 Confederate gunboat (wooden gunboat – 3 in class) $14.00
TS30 CSS Manassas (turtleback ironclad ram) $10.00
TS31 CSS Neuse (small ironclad ram) $12.00
TS32 Riverboat transport $14.00
TS33 Yankee gunboat (wooden gunboat) $14.00
TS33B Gunboat - Civilian 'Purchased' Screw Steamer $14.00
TS34 USS Milwaukee (double turret monitor – 4 in class) $15.00
TS35 USS New Ironsides (ironclad frigate) $25.00
TS36 USS Hartford (1st Rate screw sloop – 5 in class) $25.00
TS37 CSS Columbia/Texas (ironclad ram) $16.00
TS40 USS Dictator (large single-turret monitor) $20.00
TS41 5-Gun fort (Includes guns and two flags) $14.00
TS42 USS Indianola (casemate ironclad gunboat) $14.00
TS43 CSS Stonewall (French-built sea-going ironclad) $14.00
TS44 Torpedo boats (4 ea.) $8.00
TS45 CSS Fredericksburg (ironclad ram) $14.00
TS46 USS Itasca (90-day gunboat – 23 in class) $14.00
TS47 Sunken hulks $8.00
TS48 Pilings (river obstructions) $8.00
TS49 USS Essex (casemate ironclad gunboat) $18.00
TS50 HMS Scorpion Class (British-built ironclad – 2 in class) $25.00
TS51 Floating battery (two types shields) $12.00
TS52 CSS Virginia II (ironclad ram) $14.00
TS53 CSS Gaines (wooden gunboat – 2 in class) $14.00
TS54 CSS Alabama (sea-going raider) $25.00
TS55a Mortar Schooners (2 ea) $8.00
TS55b Mortar Rafts (4 ea) $8.00
TS56 CSS Charleston (Ironclad) $14.00
TS57 USS Mohican Class Steam Sloops (Kearsarge – 8 in class) $25.00
TS58 USS Kansas Class (wooden gunboat – 8 in class) $18.00
TS59 USS Neosho Class (river monitor – 2 in class) $14.00
TS60 US Armed Ferry (Commodore class) $14.00
TS61 USS Casco Class (single-turret monitor – 20 in class) $14.00
TS61b USS Casco Class (torpedo boat version–5 in class) $14.00
TS62 USS Keokuk (turreted monitor) $12.00
TS63 HMS Royal Sovereign (British coast defence turrett ship) $30.00
TS64 CSS Tuscaloosa (ironclad ram – 2 in class) $14.00
TS65 USS Benton (ironclad gunboat) $18.00
TS66 Confederate Davids (4ea) $8.00
TS67 Maury Class Gunboats (2ea – 3 in class) $8.00


Union Timberclad (2 in class - USS Tyler and Conestoga) $18.00


USS Lexington Timberclad (3rd Style of TS68 Above)


TS69 CSS Nashville (sidewheel ironclad ram) $25.00
TS70 Redan Fort (with guns) $18.00
TS71 CSS Baltic (casemate ironclad) $16.00
TS72 USS Chillicothe (river ironclad) $16.00
TS73 Gloire (French Ironclad) $30.00
TS74 Blockade Runner - (Modeled after Banshee I) $18.00
TS75 CSS Missouri (river ironclad) $16.00
TS76 USS Tuscumbia (river ironclad) $22.00
TS77 USS Choctaw (river ironclad) $25.00
TS78 CSS Georgia (ironclad) $12.00
TS79 Union Tinclad (Sternwheeler) Round Fronted Casemate (Several in class) $22.00
TS79B Union Tinclad (Sternwheeler) Same as above but with a Square Front Casemate (Several in class) $22.00
TS80 Civilian Packet (Sternwheeler)


TS81 CSS Jackson (Ironclad)



Four-Bastioned fort (9.5 x 9.5 inches resin w/white metal parts) Kit Based on Arkansas Post. (Special Note: If ordered separately, this item has postage incorporated into its price. If other items are ordered along with it, however, please include the regular shipping of $6.00)



TS83 'Super' Albemarle - Planned but unfinished 'What If'' model of a larger configured "improved" Albemarle class. Able to carry heavier guns. $16.00
TS84 US Steam Frigate - Temporarily Unavailable (5 in Class - Wabash, Colorado, Minnesota etc.) $

Adversary Series

TSC101 Monitor & Merrimac (See TS02 & TS01 Photo Links Above) $25.00
TSC102 CSS Tennessee & USS Tecumseh (Canonicus class - See TS07 Photo) $25.00
TSC103 CSS Arkansas & USS Cairo $22.00

Last update July 2015