Toby Barrett

Owner of Thoroughbred and the chief designer of the well known 1/600 series of American Civil War Ships and Ironclads. Former teacher and Army officer (artillery). Also been having fun making things, mold-making, casting, and war gaming for over 30 years. First gamed in Dick Bryant’s (The Courier) basement.


Bill Frye

Special thanks for many many things.


Randy Hardin

Trusted adviser on all things naval. I first met Randy when he was stationed with the Navy at Norfolk. He became my good gaming buddy – my last one in fact - and was the first to suggest that if I made a “few more boats (ironclads) we could game with them.” So blame it all on him. But then Randy retired from the service and went home to Illinois despite my attempts to get him to stay in the Tidewater area. Hey, once you get a good gaming buddy you try to hold on to him. Right? Now Randy mans my dealer tables at Little Wars in the Chicago area most years, whether or not I’m able to make it out there myself.


Jim Moulton

Special thanks for starting the 15mm 1812 Naval product line with a lot of the ship models and the rules (first seen as Prevailing Winds now Sea Eagles).

      Starting in 2015 - Very special thanks to Stacy Jenneman and Forrest Harris. The 'Magicians!'        


I’d like to thank each of these individuals listed above for assisting me in what I do, and for helping to make Thoroughbred what it is today. All too often I refer to this endeavor as a one-man-band, but that is obviously far from the truth. Many thanks to you all!!!!

Toby Barrett

Last update March 2016